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The thinking behind Quinine's stand at Retail Design Expo 2017

We work closely with our clients to help them make the most of their retail spaces, and find better ways to bring their brand to life and sell their goods or services. We are experts in creating exciting, engaging environments that have a direct effect on visitors’ feelings and behaviour.

For our stand at the Retail Design Expo, we took the opportunity to test some of our own thinking. Moving away from the traditional ‘table and chairs’ exhibition stand; our idea was centred around creating a landscape to entice our visitors into a culturally familiar environment using steps.

This immediately transformed the stand into a meeting point — a social space for discussion and inspiration. It was important to encourage visitors to engage with and enjoy the physical setting, just as they do in the retail spaces we design.

Plinths and props within the landscape gave our team ‘Quinine’ moments to talk about different stories. The stage was set for our team to have meaningful discussions with all our visitors.

Visitors engaged with our “pink landscape” in several ways:

1. An introduction to Quinine.

A look at our client work, design approach and thought leadership. We invited visitors to find out who we are and what we believe in by browsing our website. They could explore some of the stores we’ve created around the world via our movies, see the visual tools we use to enhance our design process, and catch up with our latest thinking.

2. Perspective — we see things differently.

A pair of binoculars gave visitors the chance to look around the RDE show from a different perspective. This demonstrated our belief that investigating different viewpoints gives us a richer understanding of our context work. We are constantly gathering insights from all corners to find the best way forward for our clients.

3. The Happiness Circle.

The idea of the happiness circle is at the core of our design thinking. We believe there are four pillars to a balanced retail strategy: Business, Brand, Customer and Staff. We asked visitors to place a disc on one of four pillars to tell us which was most important to them. You can see the results here

4. Virtual reality.

Helping clients understand the impact and value of design is key to striking a balance between experience and cost. That’s why we’re constantly exploring leading-edge technologies and developing new ways to communicate our ideas. Visitors got an insight into how we use virtual reality during concept development right though to helping us understand customer and staff journeys. We use VR headsets, browsers and 3D flythrough’s to immerse our clients in the final concept. To see our browsers click here.

What we learned at the show re-informed our retail design thinking. Giving visitors a familiar context, all be it with a twist, broke down barriers and created great opportunities to engaged in meaningful discussions and build relationship.

We loved meeting people face to face and sharing our design principles. We look forward to continuing these conversations with you soon.

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