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What is Experiential Retail?

Webinar - Wednesday 6th June, 5pm BST

The retail sectors' latest buzz word ‘experience’ has been over used and under qualified. What does it actually mean? How do you define the retail experience that is right for you? Today, more and more brands aim to create meaningful, unique or engaging retail experiences as a way to build loyalty, trust and increase lifelong value. 

The word ‘experience’ means different things to different people - so how do we define and quantify the experiential retail environment?

Our webinar series explores what 'experience' means in physical retail today. Join Ian Johnston, Creative Director and Founder and Alex Whitlow, Design Director at Quinine as they discuss different types of retail experiences. Using insights and examples they will explore terminology and frameworks that define those retail experiences.  
The webinar format…
We have some great insights to share and we are making the series easy to access - 20-minute of insights, followed by Q&A.

Webinar Title:
People, Space and Time
Wednesday 27th June, 5pm BST

With retailers focusing on creating immersive and engaging interactions in store they overlook the value in defining the simple parts of the customer journey that make up a good retail experience. 
In the first of our webinar series Ian and Alex will explore how getting the basics right first is key to any in-store experience and how a beautiful functional space can set the tone for all the other experiences in store. In addition to the more immersive and interactive experiences, how does a seamless functional experience help make a better in store experience?

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Wednesday 27th June, 5pm BST

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