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Research is at the core of everything we do at Quinine. Understanding the world around us through a variety of lenses, using multiple design research techniques, helps us formulate effective strategies and uncover the insights that nobody is telling you, but you need to know. We always like to share research and observations to encourage conversations.

This report provides an insight into the what we feel is important for retailers in 2021. We hope you enjoy our findings.

Across the board, this has been a momentous year for us all. Retail has never known so many changes and challenges. While physical stores have spent much of the year closed, the pandemic period has driven innovation and fuelled a huge acceleration in what were just emerging trends at the start of the year. We have seen the rise of ‘Everywhere Retail’, where customers can access retail wherever and whenever they wish, which has led to retailers leaving behind the segregated channel-led approach for a more holistic one, which identifies key touchpoints on a ‘pathway to purchase’ regardless of the channel. Whether accessed in-person or digitally, physical retail is part of this wider and more complex ecosystem, that offers consumers everything from social interaction, entertainment, fun, learning experiences, problem solving, and of course the opportunity to pick up products whether purchased online or in-store.

With so much to consider, our latest report ‘Retail Insights 2021’ highlights 22 unmissable retail innovations and insights that you should be exploring in preparation for the coming year, to help you meet the needs of your business, your brand, your customers and your staff.


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