• Fixture Strategies Fixture programs that enable distribution strategies and omni-channel transformation


Built on a deep understanding of how things are made and our wider retail strategy consulting expertise, an effective fixture strategy supports growth and omni-channel transformation.

Our industrial design background provides a valuable link between brands and manufacturers — we speak both languages. We work closely and collaboratively with suppliers and manufacturers to get the best from them using our extensive retail strategy consulting expertise. Good suppliers enjoy working with us, we provide the information they need and clear design direction. This leads to reduced production costs, better quality, lower maintenance, and easier installation. We provide unbiased retail strategy consulting support so projects stay true to the design, but also meet budgets and deadlines.
Sony Ericsson

Impactful display stands for Milan Fashion Week combined batch production and hand-finishing techniques, meeting high quality standards, and tight timescales and budgets.

How, what and why

Too often, manufacturers reinterpret a design to fit in with their own processes and preferences. This results in compromise, and ultimately, a customer experience that doesn't reflect the initial design vision. Many different processes and materials can be used to achieve a similar result. We understand what's most appropriate for specific designs, timings and budgets, finding the right retail strategy consulting approach for the design.

Understanding all the manufacturing processes, from mass to batch to one offs, means we know when to use them.
Rogers Communications

We used our industrial design expertise to guide suppliers on design detailing. The resulting Connected Home display brought a new range of products to various store layout configurations.

Our roots are in industrial design

We have a deep understanding of manufacturing processes and materials, so we can help clients understand the issues, options and resulting impacts that come from realising a design in production. Our wider retail strategy consulting expertise also means we can communicate effectively between clients and manufacturers and suppliers. We act as design champions, seeing the complete picture, and making sure the build and construction stays true to the design intention.

We're bilingual, fluent in both design and manufacturing.
Fido Solutions

A 'value-engineered' iteration of our kiosk design reduced overall cost of a national roll out, while keeping the design integrity of the initial prototype.

Value in, cost out

Clients often ask us to find ways to reduce costs without compromising on functionality or design. With our deep understanding of manufacturing processes and materials, we can help our clients understand the pros and cons, the implications of compromises, and the impact that any changes would have. We work closely with manufacturers to find ways of reducing costs without affecting the integrity of the design.

During the manufacturing process, Quinine directed the manufacturer, reducing the production cost by over 20% yet we still landed the original design we signed off.
Senior Director Store Format, Fido Solutions
Rogers Communications

A modular kiosk using a custom Corian colour ensured accurate colour matching across materials and finishes for a national roll out programme.

Knowing the rules and when to break them

We look at manufacturing differently to manufacturers. We understand the implications or possible consequences of using a particular material or process, and can help our clients make informed choices. We always consider the manufacturing process from the outset, which saves time and money in the long term. Our retail strategy consulting expertise allows us to challenge the norm, and consider how things could be made in a more efficient or cost-effective way, responding better to a design brief.

Knowing what to add and exactly how much can make all the difference.
Paint Pot