• Branded Retail Environment Design Ensuring your physical environment connects your customer to your brand promise


We go beyond branded environments to create experiences and a retail environment design that connects your customer to your brand promise.

All clients have different challenges, but ultimately the same goal — to bring their brand promise to life, and make deeper emotional connections with customers. Too often, the retail environment design may superficially reflect the overall 'look and feel' of a brand, but no more. We embed the brand promise deep into the store experience by understanding how people behave and interact with the physical space. It's not just about translating the 2D into 3D, it's much more than that.
Fido Solutions

A design that went well beyond the application of colours and imagery, helping staff engage with customers and truly deliver the brand promise.

The brand spirit in 3D

We think deeply about how staff and customers interact in retail spaces, and their physical relationship with the brand. We embed the conceptual brand promise into the heart of the store experience emotionally and physically. It's not just about dropping in a 2D interpretation of the brand and simply transporting colours, shapes, and imagery into the physical environment — it's about capturing the physical brand spirit and bringing that to life in three dimensions.

A service desk that lives up to the brand promise of 'always by your side'.

We created an award-winning display fixture, championing the retail environment design intent through production, to ensure the original vision was maintained.

Don't lose the brand in translation

We always make sure that the wider retail environment design vision never gets lost in translation from concept to execution. We have a deep understanding of how things work physically and the manufacturing processes. This means that our concepts are produced without compromise, and do what they are designed to do. Our process involves constantly thinking in three dimensions and getting the design right up front saves time and money in the long term.

Quinine act as our creative channel with suppliers, providing both the vision and design detailing to meet our high brand standards and deliver on business objectives.
New Business Operations Director, Orange UK

3D design guidelines were created to support a pop-up kit of parts for a wide variety of retail venues.

Brand consistency in physical spaces

Too often a brand's 2D guidelines are translated into 3D guidelines without considering the difference between the visual and physical worlds. Creating meaningful and usable 3D retail environment design guidelines is essential for consistency and implementation. We create 3D guidelines (a set of brand standards) specific to the physical retail environment to support clients through roll out.

Design guidelines that both instruct and inspire.
Low Res Guidelines