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When you design your staff journeys, you enhance the staff performance, increase their happiness and create a better overall customer experience.

Happy staff means happy customers. Which in turn means happy brands and happy businesses. We make a point of creating opportunities for staff and customers to interact. This deepens relationships, and builds brand loyalty and trust. We think long and hard about how physical store design can help staff to do their jobs better. Creating an inspiring, well thought-out space can motivate and inspire staff to connect with customers in more meaningful ways.
Rogers Communications

Two weeks' working across a variety of stores and roles helped us create a more engaging experience for customers and staff.

Understanding the staff journey

A store’s design can transform staff behaviour for the better. We often shadow staff members, working with them side by side doing what they do. This hands-on experience provides valuable insight into what staff really need and where improvements can be made. We follow up by working with internal training teams to explain the thinking behind our recommendations, and help staff get the best from new store designs.

In our two weeks of hands-on research we...
Sixteen-Stores Visited 16 stores across eight provinces.
Stacked-Crates Stacked more than 450 mobile phone cases.
Seventy-Five-Pos Refreshed more than 75 point-of-sale graphics.
Three-Spray Worked three cleaning shifts.

A store designed to be warm and welcoming for the local community and for staff.

Good store design shows staff you care

Good store design shows that employers care about their staff. This all starts by taking time to understand what they need and want from their workspace to feel happier and do a better job. When staff are inspired by their working environment they inherently work better. A well-designed store can raise staff morale, increase productivity, loyalty and ultimately, create a better customer experience.

A collection of the smallest considerations can make all the difference.
Lock Domestic cues help big corporates to fit into local contexts.
Teacup-01 A kitchen for guests to help themselves to a cup of tea.
Box-Abc Happy kids playing = happy parents shopping.
Clipboard-White A place for locals to share their own information.

Pop-up stand considering the needs of a number of teams, from brand and facilities, to IT and marcoms, from retail and devices, to events and manufacturers and suppliers.

Designing for all kinds of staff

A retail space is a working environment for many kinds of people. They have different needs and look at the space from different perspectives. When we design a retail space, we consider these different points of view — from IT and HR, to estates management, marketing, maintenance and security. Too often, support-service staff are neglected compared to more visible front of house staff.

By taking a rounded view, nobody gets left out of the conversation.

A bespoke fixture design, with a simple way of updating graphics, that was easy for one person to handle.

Intuitive, easy-to-use designs

We create spaces and fixtures that are easy to use and maintain, often with integrated tools and systems. And we support these by defining clear standards that are simple to communicate and implement. This encourages compliance and consistency in store; staff feel involved, positive, proud, and take care of their working environment.

The new fixtures look great and were so easy to use and keep up to date.
Store Manager, Orange UK

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