At Quinine, we believe that great retail design is more than just the look and feel of the store. The spaces we create must also positively impact upon functionality and effect.

'The Universal Principles of Design' by William Lidwell, Krinia Holden and Jill Butler is somewhat of a bible for Quinine. Each quarter will be introducing some essential principles in design and bring them to light in a practical way.

We've used the Cathedral Effect principle with great effect in our Rogers stores. The premise is to create and use higher-ceiling heights for areas where we want customers to be in a more imaginative, inspirational and open mind, so that people can connect the dots and make associations, and lower ceiling zones that encourage focus.

Rogers is a great example of how we have showcased products and services in areas of the store with high ceiling and created consultation areas between staff and customers under a lower ceiling intimate, comfortable a, familiar spaces that encourages focus.

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