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Euroshop 2020

On the third day of EuroShop 2020, our founder and creative director, Ian Johnston was joined on the store design stage by John Giacomazzi, VP of Retail Merchandising and Store Design at Xfinity, where they delivered a talk on designing the ‘right’ retail experience, to a packed auditorium.

The talk centred around how designing the ‘Right’ retail experience for your business, brand, customers and staff is the key to success, in a retail landscape that is constantly being redefined by customer's changing expectations.

As social, educational, entertaining and escapist experiences appear with more regularity, how do retailers and brands know which kind of experience will be successful?

Ian and John’s talk focused on how Quinine and Xfinity have worked together to navigate the challenge of designing the ‘right’ experience to meet the Xfinity customer’s expectations and have a commercial impact.

The topic raised a lot of interest and a lively Q&A session followed, with the conversation continuing on the Department for International Trade’s EuroShop stand.

If you missed this and would like to know more you can download a recording of the talk here or read the following article.


If you have any further questions, please reach out to ian.johnston@quininedesign.com

Xfinity is the retail arm of Comcast and the brand is considered the 19th most valuable brand in the US. Quinine has been working with Xfinity since 2015, collaborating on numerous strategic and design focused projects, looking at defining the right retail experience for their customer

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