• EY’s ‘Transforming Retail’ Podcast Episode 3: The Metaverse

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What will the metaverse bring to the future of retail?

How does the metaverse fit into the customer journey?


In this third episode of the Transforming Retail podcast, the panel discuss the metaverse and what it means for the future of retail and the shopping experience.

As the metaverse is largely conceptual at the moment, It’s a time when retailers have to opportunity to experiment and reimagine everything. The panel discusses the opportunities, risks and possibilities of the metaverse, and considers the following questions:

● How do retailers make sure they align their values in both the virtual and the real worlds?
● How can the metaverse enhance the customer journey?
● Will the virtual world become more than just a digital twin store?
● Is retail bringing the virtual into the physical or the physical into the virtual?

You can listen to this episode and hear the panel’s thoughts on this evolving space here: Transforming Retail with EY – Episode 3 - The Metaverse