• PSFK Invite Quinine’s Founder to Speak at Retail Innovation Week


The Psychology Behind Retail (Re)Design

Our Founder, Ian Johnston took part PSFK’s ‘Festival of Retail’ as a member Store Experience Design Industry Panel.

The panel hosted by Retail and Consumer Trendspotter, Sandy Hernandez, also included consumer psychologist and human brands expert Kate Nightingale and author and Course Director for the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Anthony Tasgal.

This session was part of the New York based think-tank’s live festival of online talks, designed to inspire the retail community to rethink the store, brand and customer experience.

Our talk, titled Winning Them Back: The Psychology Behind Retail (Re)Design, tapped into the psychological mindsets and triggers that will help us (re)design stores that speak to our human needs at a subconscious level. These mindsets and triggers could be the key to unlocking positive experiences that customers will love! The panel also explored consumer behaviours, the role of trust and what the new approach will be to designing multi-sensory, immersive experiences in a contactless world.

If you didn’t catch the session on the day, the lively exchange between Sandy, Ian, Kate and Tas is now available to watch here.

Please also feel free to get in touch with Ian, if you’d like to chat further about any of the topics discussed: Ian.johnston@quininedesign.com

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