• New Store Format brings together Internet, Entertainment, Mobile and Home Security


Xfinity launch Connected World Store Format

In May 2017, global media and technology giant Comcast launched Xfinity Mobile online. This new service offers a truly connected service, with the US’s largest 4G network and 17-million WiFi hotspots.

We were asked to create a range of new store formats in line with current retail design trends and that would bring all Xfinity’s products and services together under one roof.

In fact, there were two briefs, the first of which was to create a brand new ‘premier’ store format to showcase Xfinity’s exciting, fresh, innovative approach to the emerging 'connected' world of true quad play — bringing together internet, entertainment, mobile and home security.

The second brief was to design a series of fixtures for a new mobile product category, that they are introducing across the entire retail estate of existing 220 stores, the brand’s most ambitious rollout program to date.

The Xfinity store was composed into Service, Sales and Support zones.

Xfinity Premier Stores

The first of the Quinine-designed premier stores opened in the US’s second largest mall, King of Prussia, Philadelphia in June 2017.

The format we devised followed three main retail design trends: Service, where consultation takes place; Sales, for transactions; and Support, where the customer can participate in-store activities.This is the first Xfinity store to feature multiple digital experiences, developed by digital agency Huge, these include a 10ft x 28ft hero screen, three product experiences that incorporate digital projections, and a 65ft TV screen and touch screens. Such high impact visual displays are one of many vital retail design trends businesses now need to embrace

To create drama and attract customers into the store, we drew on our industrial design experience and deep understanding of how spaces can affect human perception and behaviour. We used a white oak wooden slatted ceiling to create the ‘cathedral’effect in store. This high, open ceiling ‘wows’ customers as they come in, allowing the brain to scan the store, connect the dots, and creating a more compelling experience. Once they’re further inside, the lowered ceiling creates a more inviting, intimate space for interactions between staff and customers.

Visitors are greeted by Xfinity staff at a dedicated service touchpoint, which has been carefully designed to meet customer needs. A stepped work surface allows for easy lifting and placing of heavy objects to lower levels, while transactions take place on the highest level.

In store experiences bring to life Xfinity's core product and services.

Xfinity Mobile store fixtures

Moving on to the second part of the brief for Xfinity Mobile store fixtures, we created a new suite of components, featuring white Corian display surfaces and white oak wooden legs.

Using clean, crisp, ergonomic aesthetics in line with current retail design trends, these fixtures were to transform traditional ‘customer service centres’ into engaging, interactive store experiences. We made them simple and iconic, a reflection of the new Xfinity Mobile brand.

The fixture family includes: device tables equipped with a seamless display system; a central light box for illuminated static hero messaging; and angled digital touch screens for more detailed service information.

The accessories floor displays are adjustable to suit the merchandising needs for each store. Accessories display plinths ‘hero’ the various products, along with live sound demos. Shelved accessories sit below the display surface.

The new Xfinity Mobile product category was launched in store.

A recessed accessories wall display comprises a white Corian live product shelf with a white oak frame and angled shelves to elevate the product offer. This has significantly increased the capacity for displaying accessories in store. It houses a large digital screen, allowing digital content to promote given product ranges, along with the new Xfinity Mobile services.

The design solution is typical of Quinine’s human-centred approach to store design. Elements dotted throughout the space encourage interaction and a create a comfortable, relaxing ambience for customers and staff. We wanted to ‘democratise’ technology, so that customers feel at ease and inspired, not intimidated by an over-designed space.