• Rogers Smart Home Monitoring Goes Live What Retail Design Firms Can Learn from the Rogers Smart Home Monitoring


Rogers Smart Home Monitoring Goes Live

Ian Johnston

As Rogers Communications expanded their Smart Home Monitoring offer, they needed a strategy and merchandising solution to be retro-fitted into their existing retail stores throughout Canada. The intent of this expansion was to shift the focus away from just an awareness campaign into a platform that would create direct sales in their stores.

In response, rather than focus on the initial ask to sell Smart Home Monitoring as many other retail design firms may do, Quinine believed taking a more strategic approach was important and looked to develop a platform in store upon which Rogers could tell ‘connected stories’. Quinine felt this more strategic approach would enable Rogers to easily update their offers in the future, as new connected products and services come to market; they would not be limited to telling just Smart Home stories. As one of the world’s leading retail design firms, Quinine also felt that delivering a more flexible approach like this would also provide ‘cross-sell’ opportunities, enabling them to bring some of their core services such as broadband into the story.

The result was a modular kit of parts that could be delivered in the centre of store, or against the wall, within the variety of Rogers store sizes and format types.

A mid-floor freestanding unit with engaging experiences on both side.

To help customers navigate the experience in an already busy store environment, removable graphical wraps were applied to the kit to help contextualise and differentiate the story that was being told. This was coupled with a large attention-grabbing digital screen which focused what the offer was and how it could make the customers' lives easier.

Up close at worktop level, a combination of printed messaging and interactive digital touchpoints expanded the story into greater detail and encouraged customers to explore. The live smart peripherals mounted to the rear wall gave customers the opportunity to try the Smart Home Monitoring service first hand and learn how it worked.

Shared fixture components used on existing fixtures allowed for a larger distribution across the entire retail estate.

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