• The Happiness Circle Design your retail
    environment for your Brand,
    Business, Customers and Staff.


The Happiness Circle

When it comes to retail, our mindset has totally changed in the past decade or so. Anywhere in the world you care to mention, people have embraced a new digital and mobile lifestyle, brought about by an accelerated uptake of new technologies. We now expect to be able to shop anytime, anywhere and through a variety of different channels.


The ongoing success of e-commerce and social commerce has brought about a new age of distribution. Today, brands are expected to provide a seamless omni-channel experience that combines stores, online and mobile. Consumers have become impatient and unfocused — they flit between channels, dipping in and out, and buying as and when it suits them. Building trust and loyalty is key to making a long-term connection with each customer. And at Quinine, we believe that understanding how physical retail fits into their lives will be the key to success for the next few years or more.

Physical retail formats tend to be influenced by many different voices and departments. This calls for an integrated design approach that seamlessly blends all these various points of view — we call this the ‘Happiness Circle’.


The ‘Happiness Circle’ takes a holistic view, designing retail environments through the eyes of the brand, the business, customers and staff. You can enter the ‘Happiness Circle’ at any of these points, as they are all interconnected. A successful retail strategy should consider each of these elements and take into account how they relate to each other. Because happy staff means happy customers. Which in turn means happy brands and happy businesses.

To learn more about the 'Happiness Circle' and how it can help you create a retail estate fit for today and tomorrow, please get in touch.

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