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Retail's Covid Response Report 2021

With the fluid and dynamic situation forced upon us by the COVID-19 pandemic, we see the world around us constantly changing. It’s really important to continually observe how these changes are manifested within the stores on our high streets.

After completing our first ‘Retail’s Response to COVID-19’ report in the summer, further lockdowns ensued, and we thought it worthwhile to add to the range of retailers that we visited to bring you a broader view of what’s happening on our high street.

The Quinine team has been out and about, looking at stores­ through the lens of the customer to understand the interventions that they have been putting in place to keep their staff and customers safe, whilst visiting their stores. To date, we have visited over forty different UK retailers, and our observations can be found in the two downloadable reports below:

PART ONE – Retail’s Response to COVID-19

Published in the autumn, our first report identifies the tactical approach adopted by retailers, as they needed to find immediate ways to offer customers a safe and on brand in-store experience and alternative ways to access their brand.

Part one reviews a range of retailers from tech and telco to activewear, beauty and department stores.


PART TWO - Retail’s Response to COVID-19

Covering a broader range of sectors and retail categories, our second report helps us understand some of the changes implemented between lockdowns and identifies how some retailers are still challenged with adopting longer term strategies and integrating more permanent and on brand solutions into their stores.

Part two includes retailers from sports/activewear, footwear, beauty, opticians, supermarkets, auto-care and cycling, stationery, baby and pet care.


If you would like to know more about Quinine and how design research can positively impact your customers’ in-store experience, please get in touch.

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